What Not to Do When Choosing SEO Services

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Are you managing your search engine optimisation while running your business? This can quickly prove frustrating and exhausting, especially if you’re not seeing the results you want. 


If you’ve decided to entrust this task to a professional, it’s important to pick the right agency. There are many out there. And honestly? Some are not as qualified as others. 


Knowing what you should avoid is just as important as knowing what to seek. Having offered SEO services in Brisbane for many years, we’ve come up with some things of which you should be wary. 


Don’t Trust Empty Claims


You’ve seen them all before. Many websites claim to be the “Best” or “Leading” SEO agency in Brisbane.


Be wary of these empty claims. There are no official governing bodies that provide rankings when it comes to the SEO industry. Even if the company is reputable, there is no way to confirm the authenticity of these titles. 


Rather, you should base their authority on their past success. Read reviews and case studies to see if they’ve consistently delivered results to their clients. 


Don’t Entrust a Company if Their Primary Language Isn’t Your Primary Language


If you have an English website, you should hire an agency whose primary language is English. 


Just because they offer SEO services in Brisbane doesn’t mean you’ll get native English speakers writing your content. Ask them where they create their work. If they outsource to non-native speakers, this can lead to poorly written pages. 


Agencies that don’t staff primarily English-speaking experts might resort to plagiarism. They’ll put content on your website that is already on the internet. 


Duplicate content on your website can lead to poor rankings. If you ever suspect this is the case, test your content by running it through an online plagiarism checker. 


Avoid Those Withholding “Company Secrets”


Let’s say you schedule a consultation with an agency that seems promising. You ask them what they plan on doing to boost your rankings. In turn, they say that they can’t disclose their actual process but promise you’ll see results. 


This might seem logical to those not familiar with the SEO industry. After all, why would they want to give away their “company secret?”


The truth is, there are no secrets when it comes to this industry. One company doesn’t hold all the answers to your success. Real results depend on the good implementation of common techniques. 


As a company that offers SEO services in Brisbane, we are completely transparent with our practices. We tell our clients exactly what they can expect from us. When looking for an agency, be sure they are open and honest about their practices. 


Be Wary of Newer Companies


Of course, experience doesn’t mean everything. You might find a newer agency that delivers results just as well as an older one. 


However, you should keep their experience in mind. Being in this industry longer means they can roll with the ever-changing trends of SEO. 


Be careful of companies that only vaguely mention how long they’ve been “in business.” This could mean that they were once focused on design services and only recently started working with SEO. 


Don’t Fall for Guarantees


When it comes to this industry, there are no guarantees. Be sceptical of companies trying to lure you in with promises to rank you on the first page of Google. 


Of course, it’s entirely possible for a company to get you on the first page. However, the algorithms are constantly changing and require a careful process. Be sure that you are basing your decision off of an agency’s results and not their fluffy language. 


If you want to learn more about what a reputable agency provides, take a look at our SEO services in Brisbane. 

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